Why use iTypesetit Design?

So you don't have to adapt your business to what's in the box of a do-it-yourself website template.

You can find many free or paid / do-it-yourself web offerings on the internet these days.
Many of them are really impressive, but you have to hunt for them. It's usually a series of trial and error.
If all you need is a blog, then all you need to do is get a hosting subscription to host your free WordPress blog, and you're good to go.
The truth is, you can spend alot of time trying to build your company's website using free and/or do-it-yourself tools and never get your website to fit the way your business works.
Picture a Plumber, a Crafter, a Musician or even a Medical Center all using the same out-of-the-box website template. True, there will be different colors, words and pictures to differentiate them, but, there will never be a unique user experience, tailored to the users of those different establishments.

Let iTypesetit Design save you the time and frustration that a website designed with your sole business in mind can provide.
We can create a user experience for your website that will guide your visitors through the website, as your message unfolds without overwhelming them. On the technical side, we can create or add third-party software to your website to emphasize and support your branding.

We are currently under construction. Please visit us again soon.

Why have a little box for your website when you have all this space on your screen?

Unless it's a mobile website.
We can help you there too!

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Last update 07-20-2015

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